About Adi Schendel

עדי שנדל

Adi Schendel is a real pioneer when it comes to the field of permanent makeup and Scalp micro pigmentation.
Adi is striving for perfection and is driven by a total lack of compromise when it comes to quality and accuracy.
The Adi Schendel Academy for Permanent makeup and Hair Simulation is lead by him in light of his vision, strive for perfection and offers a variety of for customers beyond the ongoing studies.
Adi Schendel, the micro pigmentation artist appears on international shows and exhibitions, conducts master classes around the world and accepts students who come from different countries to Israel to learn hair simulation.
Artistic precision combined with the relaxed attitude enables him to repeatedly enjoy happy customers, when it comes to hair follicle simulation treatments as well as permanent makeup or Microblading treatments.
When it comes to permanent makeup the Adi Schendel Academy is considered a leading source of professional knowledge and mastery of permanent makeup techniques, Micro pigmentation and Microblading.
Graduates of the academy are building themselves a professional reputation, based on the level of knowledge acquired at the academy.
Adi is leading a revolution in the permanent makeup filed by bringing into Israel the Microblading technique.
The innovative technique allows perfect simulation of eyebrows and in Europe it is regarded as the leading permanent makeup treatment.
The combination of precision and artistic touch with his strive for perfection are what makes Adi Schendel that real artist that he is at an international level in the field of Micro pigmentation.
As customers – you can enjoy hair simulation or permanent make up treatments at an exceptional professional level.
As permanent makeup professionals – You are welcome to join the courses and seminars in the academy, learn and expand your knowledge of permanent makeup, scalp micro pigmentation and Microblading, take place at the Academy of Adi Schendel that trains real professional to lead the permanent makeup industry worldwide.


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