The articles below contain professional information, tips and trade secrets in the fields of scalp micro pigmentation, permanent makeup and Microblading.
The information about Microblading is based on professional hands-on experience. This knowledge can only be obtained from those who walked the walk, the ones who work every day, who trained dozens of real professionals in the fields of permanent makeup and advanced techniques in hair simulation.
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Permanent makeup is the perfect solution for those who want to break free from having to wear makeup every day, and worry about their makeup throughout the day.
However, permanent makeup is a great way to overcome aesthetic problems that are the result of health conditions and treatments.

Permanent Makeup replaces the need to put on makeup every day.
Highlighting facial features is usually done by putting on makeup. Makeup techniques can emphasize the eyes, the lips, the cheeks, the eyebrows, highlight the features beautiful face and blurring the least flattering features.

It’s time to forget about being bald! If you are embarrassed about your thinning hair, balding spots or full male baldness, hair follicles simulation is the treatment you need. Many men we see around us, who look great, have undergone such a treatment and resolved the embracement and preoccupation with their baldness.

The ones who are actively performing permanent makeup treatments and hair simulation (also called micro-pigmentation) are familiar with the need for high quality equipment and tools that one can easy use and perform precision work. Professionals need professional equipment.

Why Does Permanent Makeup and Hair Simulation Change Colors or Fade – Click for the answers


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