These days, permanent makeup and hair simulation courses have an important role in professional training professionals in the beauty industry.
Professional in the care and beauty industry can no longer ignore their clients demand of permanent make up treatments as well as permanent makeup – hair stroke method and Microblading.
It is very important to remember that in dismissing the clients demand for these treatments, professionals will face a decrease in their reputation and financial situation.
At “Adi schendel academy of permanent makeup and hair simulation” you will find high level professional training in the micro-pigmentation field. The academy is considered to be a center for high level training and many students from all over the world who wants to master the secrets of the field gather here to obtain knowledge.
The time for you to get the professional know-how is now!
For more information about our courses: permanent makeup, Hair simulation, and Microblading click on the pictures below.
The “Adi Schendel academy” is the trade secret of many professionals who lead the permanent makeup and hair simulation field in Israel and worldwide.
At “Adi Schendel academy, you will acquire the tool for you success.

Hair Simulation Course allows the beauty professional to offer a most needed service to baldinng men.

Microblading course is considered a break through in the field of micropigmentation for a very close look to the real and natural hair.

The Hair Stroke Method acheives the most natural look for eyebrows, while performing permanent makeup.

Permanent Makeup Course is a professional course that you should consider a MUST if you work in the beauty field.


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