Hair Follicles Simulation

Our perception of masculinity includes a full head of hair as part of a young virile male, while a bald hair is subconsciously related to old age.
Although this concept has undergone substantial changes over the years and many young men are showing off a bald scalp or super short haircuts while looking fresh, youthful and masculine, still most men are regarding male baldness as a problem and are looking for solutions to their balding spots and receding hairline.
Hair Follicles Simulation (scalp micro-pigmentation) is an advanced high-quality solution to the problem of male baldness.
Using a special technique, small drops of hair follicle pigments are injected into lower levels of the skin on scalp, right into spots where there is a lack of hair.
These pigment dots create the appearance of healthy hair follicles and resemble hair growth. After the treatment, the patient undergoes a crew cut to complete the process and start enjoying a natural appearance of a full head of hair, a fashionable hair cut and a young and trendy flattering look.
Hair follicles simulation has become a widely popular treatment, and many of the men we see around us, which look great, underwent such treatment and resolved the confusion and preoccupation with their baldness.
The result of hair simulation lasts for several years and frees the patient from having to worry about hair lose, turn to expensive and complex treatments like the dangedrous hair transplant, and avoid having to wear a toupee .
Adi Schendel accepts students that arrive from all over the world to the academy and personally teaches them the trade of hair simulation and permanent make up. Adi Schendel – The Academy for Hair Simulation is considered worldwide as a center of high-quality professional knowledge.
Besides the courses and seminars offered in the field of hair follicles Simulation, the general audience enjoys hair follicles simulation treatments at highest possible professional quality.
If you are tired of being bald – call Adi and start enjoying the look of a full head of hair: 03-5255105


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