Hair Follicles Simulation Treatment – Micro Pigmentation

Hair Follicles Simulation Treatment - Micro Pigmentation

Hair follicles simulation (Scalp tattoo
)creates the appearance of natural hair, to cover scars, to fill in partial baldness, cover bald spots on the scalp and improve hair density by emulating natural hair follicles using an artistic hair simulation technique.
Hair Follicles simulation technique (also called – scalp micro pigmentation) highlights the contours of the scalp and therefore fits in well with the existing crew cut hair trend or alternatively with sparse hair and is considered to be an artistic technique. Treatment is aimed at those who suffer from scars / bald spots on the scalp. Treatment is not recommended for the ones who have a fully bald head since it might not create a natural look.
While performing micro-pigmentation we penetrate the epidermal layer using special hair follicle equipment and insert a pigment. In this layer cells are replaced every few weeks, so this technique is fading gradually and can last for up to 4 years.
Unlike tattoo needle that penetrates the layer of hypodermis, that is a layer that does not regenerate and thus remains permanently.
• Hygiene and provisions before and after treatment:
♦ using disposable gloves – mandatory.
♦ clean and disinfect the treated area – a must.
• Throw the needle into the trash after use (not intended for reuse) – mandatory.
♦ Replacing the nail with every replacement of the needle – a must.
♦ Sterilization, cleaning and disinfection of the equipment that come into contact with the color (pigment).
♦ Never reuse left over pigment.

• The treatment process includes the following steps:
♦ Disinfection treatment area.
♦ Performing a test for allergies.
♦ Numbing the area.
♦ Drafting treatment area.
♦ Obtaining patient’s acceptance signature.

• Insertion of pigment according to the following colors:
♦ Light brown for light skin tone and light hair (blond).
♦ Dark brown for light brown medium skin and hair coloring (light brown).
♦ Brown/Black for dark-skinned to very dark.
♦ Honey brown shade for red hair / honey / ginger.
♦ Medium gray with a light complexion, gray hair / silver.
• Dark gray for dark-skinned with gray hair / silver.
♦ Skin Tone- is used to blur / correct / delete / Cover Up old unwanted pigmentation, after mixing with brown to match the patient’s skin tone.
♦ White – for brighter shades.
♦♦♦It is important to recognize and understand color theory.

• Disinfection of area after treatment:
It should be explained to the patient that he might experience redness in the treated area and the pigment might seem dark at first. It will take up to a day for redness to disappear and pigment color to stabilize. There are several things to be avoided on the day of treatment such as wetting, wiping, sun exposure, scraping / peeling the treated area and using creams / other materials.
With each additional treatment appearance of hair simulation will integrate with the natural hair. Number of treatments varies from patient to patient depending on the size of the scalp that is treated. To preserve the final result treatment should be repeated most times once a year. In the case of a scar covering treatment things are different because scar tissue is very different than other tissue. Scar tissue is of lesser quality and therefore requires greater number of treatments and use of slightly darker pigments. In addition, when covering scars by micro pigmentation the patient will have to undergo the treatment again after a few months to strengthen the fading pigment on the scar area. Treatment duration ranges from 30 minutes to two hours depending on the size of treated area.

• It is absolutely forbidden to carry out simulation hair the following cases:
♦ Chemotherapy patients.
♦ Those who suffer from blood clotting problems.
♦ Thos who suffer from contagious diseases HIV / hepatitis.
♦ Epilepsy patients.
♦ Diabetes sufferers.
♦ Albinos.
♦ People with heart / liver and blood pressure issues.
♦ Alcohol / drug Abusers.
♦ While on antibiotics.


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