Hair Simulation

הדמיית שיער

Hair simulation is an art of hair tattoo using micro pigmentation techniques to simulate hair growth on scalp, replacing missing hairs on scalp, due to balding or scaring with tattooed hair follicles. Hair simulation can completely simulate hair and is the ultimate solution to the problem of male baldness. It lets you enjoy a full head of hair.
Hfs- hair follicle simulation – creates the look of a full head of hair.
Men that suffer from various stages of baldness can now enjoy a young and fresh look, with a natural and flattering hair cut.
Men who are dealing with the effects of male pattern baldness, receding hairline or baldness on scalp are looking for solutions to the problem and face different offers such as hair weave, using a wig (toupee).
The problem with these kinds of solutions is that they are painful, expensive, take a long time to recover and success rate for hair transplant surgery and other medical procedures is low and men are left with the need to constantly worry about their hair.
Hair simulation frees men who are suffering from baldness, relieves their worries and allows them to enjoy a fashionable haircut by using our simulation technique. The result is amazing, extremely close to reality, the look of hair follicle, hair growth on the scalp.
Insertion of tiny drops of natural mineral hair simulation pigments under the skin in perfect synchrony of shade that lasts for several years.

Many men are already enjoying the results of scalp micro pigmentation and most cannot even notice their hair cut is actually simulated hair.
If you are struggling and looking for solutions to the problem of male baldness, called to remove the worry out of my head: 03-5255105


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