Hair Simulation CourseWhen you take the Adi Schendel’s Hair Simulation Course you increase you income per Year.
Schendel’s hair Simulation Course is open for those who want to offer their clients solution for hair loss, scars and partly bald spots on scalp.  At the academy, we’re teaching an advanced technique called Micro Pigmentation – Hair follicles simulation which reconstructs the natural look of hair, conceal scars’, cover partly bald areas and adds density to the existing hair by simulation of hair. Hair simulation is an artistic hair technique.

Hair Simulation – The biggest thing in Israel!

Hair Simulation Course at “Adi Schendel Academy” offers:
–    Professional teachers with real professional experience.
–    Learning in small groups so every student gets individual attention
–    The best tools, equipment and guiding staff in the world at this field.
–    Close guidance after graduating the course.
“Adi Schendel Academy” in Israel you will get the most thorough guidance and learning of this advanced techniques so you can perform hair simulation using Micro Pigmentation
The “Adi Schendel” Hair simulation Method highlights the scalp contour and therefore, blends perfectly with existing hair. It is the ideal solution for partly bald areas and thinning hair. Hair simulation is regarded as an artistic hair loss solution.
The Hair Simulation treatment is designed for a people with partial hair loss, scars on scalp and partly bald areas. It is not recommended for fully bald people; because it won’t have the same natural effect.
During Hair simulation we insert a pigment to the epidermis layer using a needle. Cells of skin at this layer are renewed every few weeks. So pigment will gradually fade within a year’s time. Unlike a tattoo, where the needle is inserted into the hypodermis layer, which does not have new cells growth so pigment is permanent.

Who can Enroll to Hair Simulation Course?
Hair Simulation course is designed for those who are not in the hairdressing industry but still want to acquired an innovative, creative and challenging profession, as well as for beauty professionals that want to enrich their services and offer their clients an innovative treatment.
•    Aestheticians and beauticians
•    Cosmetics and skin care parlors
•    Beauty professionals of all industries


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