Hair Simulation Studies

Enroll Today and Get the Professional Hair Simulation Training by Adi Schendel.
A Technique that Could Generate For You Thousands of Dollars in Income A year.

In our We offer alternative solutions for hair loss, scarring and partial baldness. We teach an advanced technique known as micro pigmentation, follicular simulation that recreates the look of natural hair, covering scars , partial baldness and restores hair density adding to the existing hairs by using simulation – Hair Simulation art.

Hair Simulation Studies – The Next Big Thing Is Here!

In our Center for Hair Simulation Studies by Adi Schendel we offer:
• Training by Experienced professional .
• Studies in small groups so that each student receives personal attention.
• Equipment and materials using the best Equipment and materials in the world.
• Ongoing support even after completion of the course.

Micro Pigmentation Treatment- Hair Follicles Simulation
The Israeli Center for studies of simulated hair by Adi Schendel we teach an advanced technique called micro-pigmentation – simulation of hair, Hair tattoo, a ground breaking technique that provides alternative solutions to a variety of problems such as alopecia and restores the appearance of natural hair, covering scars, partial baldness and adds density to existing hair through simulation.

In the Israeli Center for studies of Hair Simulation by Adi Schendel we offer extensive training of an advanced technique for hair simulation using Micro Pigmentation.

The technique for scalp micro pigmentation by Adi Schendel highlights the contours of the scalp therefore fits in well with a natural crew-cut of the existing hair, covering partial baldness. The technique is considered to be artistic.
Micro Pigmentation Treatment is aimed at those who suffer from scars on scalp / partial baldness or for the ones preferring their hair very short.
• Scalp Micro Pigmentation is not recommended for complete baldness as it would not result in a natural look.
• The process of Hair Simulation – micro pigmentation: Using special scalp micro pigmentation machine, a needle is inserted into the layer of the epidermis and transfers pigment into skin layer. The layer of skin cells changed every few weeks, so this technique gradually fades and can last for about four years.
• Unlike tattoo with a needle that penetrates the layer of sub cutis, this layer on scalp has no regeneration of cells so pigment remains there permanently.

Hair Simulation Studies are designed for:
Studies are well suited to non-hairstylist who wish to acquire a profession in an innovative, challenging, creative field that provide a good income. It is obviously designed for beauty professionals who want to enrich their services to customers and offer an innovative treatment.
• Aestheticians and beauticians.
• Cosmetics salons.
• Tattoo parlors.
Studies are appropriate for population of all ages

לימודי הדמיית שיער - מיקרו פיגמנטציה
לימודי הדמיית שיער
לימודי הדמיית שיער - מיקרו פיגמנטציה


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