Hair Simulation Workshops

Hair simulation professionals are invited to attend workshops and seminars taking place at our Academy of Hair simulation.
The purpose of the seminars dealing with hair simulation is to enable for professional support, questions and answers, improving techniques, learning new techniques, secrets and tricks that allow professional hair simulation practitioners to better their skills and offer the highest level of professionalism, the latest techniques and the perfect result the customer expects.
Hair simulation seminars are the place to get to know and try out new modern equipment and tools that will help create the perfect hair simulation, find out about new pigments, techniques, matching shades, etc.
Hair simulation workshops at the Adi Schendel Academy are intended to refresh professional knowledge and allow for professional advice by the top in the field.
Hair simulation workshops are conducted in small groups, in order to maximize the benefit for the participants, allow them to get their questions answered, improve techniques, professional knowledge and acquire further knowledge etc.
Participating in Adi Schendel’s hair simulation workshops and training will allow you to reach the top in the field of micro pigmentation and build yourself a professional reputation that will attract you more and more satisfied customers that will be advertising for you and you will increase your customer base and revenue potential.
Choose hair simulation for training dates and other information, call: 03-5255105

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