Microblading is a new technology in the field of permanent makeup that allows the simulation of hair. The advantage of Microblading is that we can create a perfect simulation of hair, a realistic look of hair. Microblading is the Hair simulation system that is currently sweeping Europe and we, at the Adi Schendel hair simulation academy brought it first to Israel.
The Microblading technique is quick and easy and allows the creation of perfect simulation of hair, creating the correct growth direction for hair, the natural look of hair strands, and a perfect match of hue replacing missing hair in bald eyebrows, for example.
Natural hair to complete the look of eyebrows without the possibility of distinguishing between natural hairs growing in the eyebrows and the hairs produced Microblading.
Microblading are done by hand without using a micro pigmentation machine. It is done by using a thin blade forming grooves in the skin in which pigment is inserted, creating an end result of natural looking hair.
In Europe the Microblading system replaced the other hair simulation techniques when dealing with permanent makeup for eyebrows (it even replaced the Hair Stroke technique). In Israel this is a new technique that is considered to be ground breaking.
At the Adi Schendel Academy Hair simulation academy we offer studies and training dedicated to the Microblading technique.
We also offer expert Microblading treatments.
Adi Schendel that had brought Microblading into Israel is the one teaching the technique to the students of the center.
If you are performing permanent makeup treatments please contact us to keep up with Microblading course schedule.
Individuals are also welcome to call and set up an appointment for consultation before treatment.


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