Micro Pigmentation Equipment

Permanent makeup professionals that offer hair simulation services (also called micro-pigmentation) are familiar with the need for quality equipment that can be used to perform precise work, professional hair follicle equipment that is comfortable to hold and work with that they can count on its reliability.
To perform micro-pigmentation treatments you need a reliable, high-quality machine.
This is your main tool that you need to enjoy working with.
The Permanent makeup machine that aslo serves as a scalp micro pigmentation machine, used at Adi Schendel Academy for Studies of permanent makeup and hair simulation – is considered to be the best in the field worldwide.
It is called TOKYO 275 and is very convenient to use, technicians say “it feels like an extension of your hand, has a comfortable grip and maneuverability that helps a lot in creation of very accurate work – easily.”
The TOKYO 275 is designed for the treatment of all regions of the body and all types of skin: eyes, lips, scalp, face and body.
It works without dangerous vibrations and maintains high power throughout the treatment.
Choosing TOKYO 275 as your Micro Pigmentation machine is a wise professional decision.
The second element to consider when it comes to making sure your permanent makeup treatments would be at highest possible quality are the pigments that are inserted under the skin.
Anyone who saw an unprofessional and sloppy work of a permanent makeup technician who did not use quality pigments is familiar with the sad look of green eyebrows, purple or blue eyebrows, broken faded lines that get discolored and change shades.
These embracing sights are a direct result of using poor quality pigments while performing permanent makeup.

At the Adi Schendel Academy the pigments being used are called PMP Pro.
PMP Pro are probably the highest quality natural pigments you can ever find.
These quality mineral pigments were tested and approved by the FDA, specifically adapted to the type of skin where treatment is performed, if it’s an oily scalp or the thin delicate skin around the eyes.
Pro PMP pigments series offer a great variety of colors to choose from to perfectly fit every need.
The equipment used in micro-pigmentation treatment is responsible for about fifty percent of the final result quality. The other fifty percent are dependent upon the level of knowledge and skill of those who carried out the treatment.
If you are a professional in permanent makeup and hair simulation You owe it to yourself and your customers to get to know the professional equipment of Adi Schendel Academy of Permanent Makeup and Hair Simulation.
For more information about the Tokyo 275 and the PMP Pro pigments,
Call: 03-5255105


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