Microblading Coursemicroblading course

If you asked yourself where you can can the best education in Microblading in Israel, the answer is – “Adi Schendel Academy”.
Schendel himself brought the Microblading technique to Israel. Often traveling to the largest capitals in the world, he came across this innovative and new technique which allows us perfect simulation of the hairs, and did not hesitate. He acquired the knowledge and headed forward to being a Microblading artist. Now he is passing his knowledge to the students in his academy.
Microblading is another step in the micro pigmentation field.  This new technique is considered a brake through in the field, allowing creating a very close look to the real and natural hair.
With Microblading we can simulate the hair to the smallest details – the three dimensions structure and the edge of one hair, which is thinner than the hair itself.
If you as a Permanent makeup artist want to give your clients a look of a natural hair so it will be difficult to know it is not real, such result can be achieved only with Microblading technique.

Microblading Course Curriculum:
•    Facial highlights and features
•    Skin and hair structure
•    Correct matching of colors and hues to the skin and hair
•    Introduction with the machines and other equipment
•    Practical practice.
•    Tips and professional secrets.

Permanent makeup and hair simulation artists, take your practice a huge and important step forward.

Contact us to get more details about Microblading course and insure a place in the upcoming course. Call:   03-5255105  


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