Microblading Courses

Microblading courses allow for supervised professional practice, participants acquire new knowledge in order to improve their capabilities and offer their customers a perfect result Microblading treatments.
Microblading courses are designed for permanent makeup and hair simulation practitioners to learn the art of Microblading
Courses are held by the master of Microblading in Israel – Adi Schendel.
Microblading, the world’s novel method for simulation of hair provides the ability to create a very natural look of hair, eyebrow design treatments and simulation of hair on scalp.
The result of Microblading treatment look very much like real hair.
Microblading Courses at the Academy are held in small groups, according to the levels of knowledge, and are intended for beginners and experienced professionals as well.
These are dynamic seminars scheduled on demand so it is important to keep up with schedules.
Call in for updated schedules and reserve your spot today: 03-5255105

השתלמויות מיקרובליידינג


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