Microblading Treatment

Adi Schendel’s Academy is the first place in Israel where you can enjoy Microblading treatments.
Microblading is currently the leading permanent makeup technique in Europe, and Adi is the first to bring this groundbreaking technique to Israel.
Microblading is considered groundbreaking in the field of micro-pigmentation and allows for perfect simulation of hair.
Microblading as a permanent makeup method is best suited to fill in bald spots on scalp, fill sparse eyebrows and can be used wherever there is missing hair we want to fill while simulating natural hair that looks perfect.
Adi Schendel that mastered the technique in Europe is now spreading the word to other countries through the academy students who arrive from different countries worldwide.
Men and women who are interested in solving baldness, filling in eyebrows or other bald areas, those who have undergone permanent makeup treatments in the past using outdated methods, those who their permanent makeup faded and need renewal, can call, get more details, get personal advice about Microblading from the highest professional source in Israel – Adi Schendel.
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