Permanent MakeUp

Permanent makeup accentuates facial features, creates a permanent eyeliner, lip liner or lipstick that is permanent and frees the customer from having to put on makeup every day and worry about the makeup all day long, while busy with an active lifestyle.
Permanent makeup is not just a way to create the look of a perfectly made up face, makeup that does not fade or smear, this technique can also help in case there is a need to repair a facial feature, in case of lip asymmetry, for example.
Permanent makeup can be used to blur scars left after old surgery and other vital medical procedures.
The purpose of the permanent makeup is to free women from the need to wear makeup every day and worry about the makeup throughout the day.
Permanent makeup (Micro Pigmentation) is performed by the insertion of special mineral pigment drops just below the skin surface, matching to natural colors and forming one continuous line.
This way we can create, for example, permanent makeup around the eyes to highlight them, eyeliner that lines the upper lashes and eyeliner below the lower lashes, or fill the lip area with a fresh lip shade.

After permanent makeup at the lip area, there is no longer a need to use lipstick.
After permanent eyeliner, there is no longer a need for applying eyeliner using an eye pencil.
Customer may enjoy the freedom from makeup without compromising the made-up look all day long.
Since permanent makeup results last for several years, it is important to entrust your face with a true expert to carry out permanent makeup treatment.
Results of amateurish and sloppy treatment will last on face for years, so pick the right professional to perform the treatment for you.
Adi Schendel is considered an expert in the field of permanent makeup. His academy students spread the knowledge they acquired at the Adi Schendel Academy worldwide.
So, when you decide to undergo a permanent makeup treatment do not settle for less than an expert permanent makeup artist.
Call and book a consultation prior to treatment with Adi Schendel: 03-5255105


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