Permanent Makeup CoursePermanent Makeup Course is a professional course that you should consider a MUST if you work in the beauty field. Clients are well aware of permanent makeup treatments, which lead them to ask such treatments from their beautician.
Permanent makeup is a technique that allows you to create perfect eyeliner lines, perfect looking eyebrows, lipstick, lip line and much more.
The Idea behind permanent makeup is to insert a special pigment beneath the skin surface, so the makeup stays on all the time, even after physical activities, swimming, shower and so on.
Many women want to undergo permanent makeup treatments so they won’t have to put on makeup every day, to conceal defects or highlight to their facial features. For this main reason we established the highest level training center in Israel and offer permanent makeup courses – to help you provide your clients this most important service.

Permanent Makeup Course: Study Program –

Permanent Makeup Course program includes a large number of subjects.
Course curriculum was carefully planned since permanent makeup is designed to last on client’s face for the long term.
Those who went through reckless and unprofessional permanent make up treatment might be disappointed and even feel ashamed for a very long period of time. Therefore, the primary goal of our course is to give the students the best tools they can get in order to give their clients professional treatment, accurate and responsible.

–          Dermatology:  skin structure; focus on the facial areas in which the pigment is inserted.
–          Morphology : extent study of the facial structure and anatomy
–          Learning and workshop using the permanent makeup devices
–          Learning the materials we use such as various pigments and mixed hues in order to reach full compatibility.
–          Learning techniques of performing various treatment of permanent make up such as eyeliner, lip liner, eyebrows filling and lining, the hair stroke method, corrections, work hygiene and so on.

Every permanent makeup course has to refer not only to the techniques and accuracy when performing, but to the extent of possible problems that might occur and who to avoid mistakes that can happen during the treatment.

Permanent make up course at “Adi Schendel Academy” is at the highest possible professional.
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