Permanent Makeup Courses

Permanent makeup training at Adi Schendel – Academy for studies of permanent makeup and hair simulation, is considered among the most professional courses in the Micro Pigmentation field.
Permanent makeup training improves the professional level of the participants.
The Micro Pigmentation field evolves all the time, new techniques emerge and sweep the world, innovative materials and equipment penetrate the market and allows permanent makeup professionals to better their skills and provide quality care to their customers, creating precise and impressive results.
Permanent makeup training graduates of the Adi Schendel academy are considered to be the top in their field worldwide.
They are proficient in permanent makeup treatments at extremely high professional level, using the latest techniques, so their professional level is considered particularly high.
Their customers are the driving power in promoting them and publicizing them as authorities in the field. Their names are passed on, their customer base is growing steadily and they enjoy not only high professional reputation, but also ongoing stable income and profits to their business.
Seminar schedule for studies of permanent makeup varies according to demand and is determined from time to time.
Find out about the opening dates for permanent makeup courses, register and reserve your spot. Call: 03-5255105

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