Permanent Makeup – Facial Features Accentuation

Accentuating facial features is usually done by makeup. Makeup techniques emphasize the eyes, the lips, the cheeks, the eyebrows, highlight the beautiful facial and blur the least flattering features.
The need to put on makeup every day and maintain the makeup all day long is a bother most women would like to get rid of. The need to take care of the makeup, so it does not smear, smudge or fade throughout the day, especially for busy women that are active is not an easy task.
Permanent makeup highlights and accentuates facial features. Micro – Pigmentation is a great way to enjoy the benefits of make-up at all times, even while swimming, participating in sports activities or other physical activities.
Accentuating facial features using permanent makeup enable the creation of eyeliner on the upper lashes and lower lashes, to emphasize the eyes, improve eye structure for drooping or small eyes etc.
Permanent makeup can also be used to emphasize the lips by creating a lip liner and fill the lip area with fresh looking color.
The eyebrows can also be shaped using permanent makeup. They can be shaped and filled to enjoy perfect looking eyebrows all day long.
Permanent makeup is the perfect solution for the busy woman these days. However, since permanent makeup results are there to stay, for a few years it is extremely important to carefully select the professional who would perform the treatment.
Adi Schendel at the Academy for studies of permanent makeup and hair simulation is available for master permanent makeup treatments and offers facial features highlighting at a very high professional level, using the most advanced equipment and the world’s best pigments.
Stop worrying about the make-up, call set an appointment for a permanent makeup facial treatment with Adi Schendel:03-5255105


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