Permanent Makeup for Medical Purposes

Permanent makeup is the perfect solution for those who want to break free from having to wear makeup every day, and stop worrying about their makeup throughout the day.
However, permanent makeup is also a great way to overcome the aesthetic problems that are sometimes a result of various health conditions and treatments.
Using permanent makeup (Micro-Pigmentation) can cover scars from surgery, nipple reconstruction after mastectomy, and more.
Permanent makeup done professionally can cover up bald spots created by Alopecia by simulation the missing hair wherever they are missing (eyebrows, beard and scalp).
Permanent makeup treatment can complete face lift surgery by erasing the scars left, or improve facial features without surgery: droopy eyes, sparse eyebrows and other aesthetic problems.
Permanent makeup is sometimes the only way to deal with pigmentation issues like Vitiligo by using pigments that match the natural skin tone and covering up discolored areas.
Even after a cleft lip surgery permanent makeup can cover the scar and blur it by the use of skin tone pigment.
It is obviously important to carefully choose the professional who would perform the treatment for you. It is important to have an expert do the work.
Adi Schendel who owns the Academy for Studies of Hair Simulation and Permanent Makeup is considered an international expert in the field of permanent makeup and offers treatments at the highest professional level possible.
Frustrated about an old scar? Patchy eyebrows? Or other problems?
Call Adi and get rid of the problem

איפור קבוע, גם לצרכים רפואיים
איפור קבוע, גם לצרכים רפואיים


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