Permanent Makeup Studies

Permanent makeup is the name of a technique that allows for makeup to last for years.
The technique of permanent makeup enables the creation of permanent eyeliner, permanent lip liner, permanent lipstick, eyebrows and more.
The idea behind the technique is the insertion of small dots of natural pigment under the skin, so makeup stays in place at all times, even after exercise, swimming, shower.
Many women deal with the need for permanent makeup in order to avoid the need for applying makeup every day, cover blemishes or highlight facial features.
Permanent makeup began gaining momentum years ago and today has become an integral part of the beauty treatments offered in salons and clinics around the country.
Beauty practitioners today have to consider expanding the range of their services and offer permanent makeup treatments.
Permanent makeup course – curriculum:
Permanent Makeup studies include a wide variety of subjects, mainly due to the fact that the treatment results remain for several years.
In case anyone got a negligent treatment of permanent makeup could have to live with the disappointing results, and sometimes an awkward look, for a long time.
Therefore, the first objective of any permanent makeup course is to give graduates the best tools to enable them to provide professional, accurate and responsible treatment to their customers.
Curriculum for the study of permanent makeup includes topics such as:
Dermatology – skin structure, targeting the exact spot where pigments are to be inserted into,
Morphology – extensive study on facial structure and anatomy of the face.
Getting to know and experience the use of the permanent makeup machine
Getting to know the appropriate materials – mixing different pigments and shades in order to reach a maximum match of color
Techniques for various treatments of permanent makeup – eyeliner, lip liner, filling and redesign of eyebrows, permanent makeup method the hair stroke method etc.
Correction of mistakes, hygiene at work and more.
Permanent make-up studies should address not only teaching technique work and accuracy at work but also the various skin types,
All possible problems and how to avoid errors that may occur during the work,
Permanent makeup course of study at the Academy of Hair simulation and permanent makeup assures the highest level of professionalism.
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