Permanent Makeup Studies Using The Hair Stroke Method

Studies of the hair Stroke method is suitable for permanent makeup practitioners who wish to acquire specific professional knowledge that would move their professional capacity an important step forward.
Nowadays customers are aware of the benefits of permanent makeup using the Hair Stroke method and ask for it specifically.
They know that the system allows them to enjoy the perfectly designed eyebrows that look natural, filling in bald spots in eyebrows, completing of missing spots in eyebrows and enjoying the result that looks natural and perfect.
Students of the permanent makeup method at the Academy of Adi Schendel gained real professional knowledge in very small groups and started building their professional career close after graduation.
Studying in small groups enables every for every student the personal attention and professional guidance that would lead them to a high level of professionalism.
For this reason the graduates of the Academy the graduated the Hair Stroke studies went off immediately to offer their customers this important treatment, they do their job to the best level right from the very first customer.
Permanent makeup using the Hair Stroke method is a specific training which includes:
* Getting to know the structure of hair.
* Techniques for achieving perfect and natural hair look: measuring and drafting of the eyebrow, eyebrow structure adjustment, choosing of the right needle and pigment, and more.
* Getting to know the equipment and professional tools which guarantee a perfect result.
* Practical work and individual practice to achieve the highest professional level
For further information regarding the studies of permanent makeup using the Hair Stroke method Call: 03-5255105

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