Permanent Makeup Treatments Using Hair Stroke

When we talk about hair stroke permanent makeup technique that means a permanent makeup treatments (Micro Pigmentation) which perfectly simulates growing hair filling in bald spots to shape the eyebrow.
The uniqueness of the hair stroke technique is that it allows simulation of hairs that look real.
Permanent makeup treatments using hair stroke is the perfect solution in cases of an injury, due to diseases such as alopecia, as a result of over-plucking as well as the reconstruction of permanent makeup for women who have had similar treatment in the past using an outdated method which caused eyebrows to fade or discolor.
Men and women suffering from bald spots in eyebrows, scars or old permanent makeup that faded and lost its shape. Permanent makeup treatments using Hair Stroke regains the full eyebrows look, the healthy, shaped. Designed and flattering eyebrows.
Adi Schendel Academy offers permanent makeup treatments using hair stroke, for men and women, by appointment. Treatment is performed by the leading team in academy and Adi Schendel himself.
After careful planning of the desired shape and picking the appropriate hair stroke treatment is done in a way that would that will blend with natural eyebrow color. Hair stroke treatments at the Adi Schendel Academy are performed using the most advanced equipment and the world’s best pigments.
The Adi Schendel Academy host each year many students that come study the hair stroke technique in permanent makeup so once you decide to undergo a hair stroke treatment at the academy you can be sure that the treatment will be carried out in the best way, by an international expert for a perfect result.
Call for details and set an appointment for a permanent makeup treatment using the hair stroke technique:


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