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Professional information Hair follicles simulation recreates the look of natural hair, covering scars, partial baldness and adds to hair density by simulating hair follicles usin g our artistic hair simulation technique.

The Hair Simulation treatment:

Our hair simulation technique emphasizes the contours of the scalp, therefore fits in well with the fashionable crew-cut.

Hair Simulation is considered to be an artistic technique.
Treatment is aimed at those who have scars on scalp / partial baldness who wear their hair short.

Hair simulation is not recommended for complete baldness as it would not result in a natural look.

The process of micro pigmentation:
We penetrate through the epidermal layer using a needle that enable inserting of pigment.
This layer of cells changes every few weeks, so pigments will gradually fade and may last up to four years.

Unlike tattoo which uses a needle that penetrates the layer of subcutis, the layer we insert pigments into has no regeneration of cells remain so hair simulation results last a long time.

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Professional information


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