Professionals in the beauty industry can no longer ignore the need of their customers in regards with permanent makeup treatments, permanent makeup and Microblading.
The customers are the ones creating the demand and professionals who ignore it are making a huge mistake, reducing their potential revenue and leaving money on the table.
Studies at the Academy Permanent makeup and hair simulation provide training at a very high level in the fields of Micro pigmentation. It is the professional level that draws students from all over the world to study the trade and become a professional and a true artist.
Complete your professional knowledge.
Click for details regarding permanent makeup and hair simulation studies and studies of Microblading in our academic and professional.
Adi Schendel – The Academy for Hair Simulation Studies and permanent makeup is a little trade secret kept by many of the leading experts in permanent makeup and hair simulation.
The studies and training at the academy will also provide its students with all the tools for success.

לימודים השתלמויות בעדי שנדל

Hair Simulation provides a perfect solution of male baldness, annoying bald patches on scalp, scars on scalp and thinning hair.Hair Simulation lets you enjoy the look of a full head of hair.

If you work in the area of beauty, hair styling, cosmetics, nail tech or any other beauty related profession and you did not yet learn the trade of permanent makeup, pay attention.

This groundbreaking technique allows for creation the look of hair follicles that look very close to natural. It creates accurate simulation of growing hair, in bald areas.

Studies of the hair stroke method in permanent makeup is suitable for permanent makeup practitioners who wish to acquire specific professional knowledge that would take their professional capacity a step forward.


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