Hair Stroke MethodThe Hair Stroke Method course is designed for those are practicing in permanent makeup and wants to acquire knowledge in a specific field; knowledge that can take their professional level one step ahead.

Today, more than ever, clients are well aware to the advantages in permanent makeup – hair stroke method, and demand this special treatment. They know by hair stroke method they can enjoy the most natural looking eyebrow there can be: filling bald area in the eyebrows, completing missing eyebrows areas and all in a perfect natural outcome.

The Hair stroke method students at “Adi Schendel Academy” acquired the professional knowledge in particularly small groups. We decided about small groups courses as the best way for as to treat every student individually and give her the professional guidance she needs base on her capability. For that reason, Hair stroke method graduate from “Adi Schendel Academy” were well capable to jump into the deep water and offered their clients this important treatment, while performing the job at a high level from the very first treatment.

Hair Stroke Method Course is a specific training including:

–          Introduction with Hair structure and look.
–          Techniques for perfect and natural eyebrows, measuring and drawing the eyebrow, matching the needle, the pigment and more,
–          Introducing the machines and the professional device insuring perfect outcome.

For more information about hair stroke method courses at “Adi Schendel Academy” Call: 03- 5255105. 


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