Adi Schendel’s Academy for Studies of Hair Simulation and Micro Pigmentation not only offers seminars and workshops, but also actual treatments to customers
This is the place to enjoy the micro-pigmentation treatments at the highest professional level:
* Hair Simulation treatments, performed the highest professional level
* Permanent makeup treatments done by permanent makeup artists with a perfect result.
* Permanent makeup for eyebrows using the hair stroke technique adopted for each client and their needs
* And the world’s most advanced therapeutic Microblading brought to Israel for the first time, a technique which allows for perfect simulation of natural hair where hair is missing.

Hair simulation is a technique designed to use Micro pigmentation to solve male baldness, bald spots and thinning hair. Hair simulation let’s you enjoy the sight of a full head of hair, look young and trendy.

Undergoing a Micro Pigmentation treatment with Adi means one can be certain of the professional quality of work that is done at highest level of performance, precision and the end result would be nothing less than perfect.

Microblading – a Three dimensional hair simulation technique that enables groundbreaking perfect simulation of hair wherever hair is missing. Adi is the first to bring into Israel the Microblading technique.

Permanent makeup treatments using the hair stroke technique is a great solution for missing hair in eyebrows, in case injury, due to diseases such as alopecia, as a result of over-plucking of the eyebrows etc.


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